Wage Parity is no longer a small compliance hassle that should be solved with an off the shelf vendor solution. Due to the current mandated high total compensation levels, Wage Parity needs to be a major piece of every home care business plan. In today’s extremely competitive landscape, an effective Wage Parity program can be the difference between an agency that can stay profitable and grow as opposed to an agency maintaining or loosing cases and struggling to survive.

A successful Wage Parity program should benefit BOTH home care agencies AND their employees. Home care owners gain value through cost effective compliance via significant payroll and tax deductions. Additionally, if the home care agency can provide genuine value to employees through their wage parity program, then the home care agency can recruit better aides and retain them longer. For Home Health Aides, they benefit from increased value in their overall compensation package by receiving benefits that reimburse them for costs they are already incurring and provide protections in potential adverse situations while being sure not to affect Medicaid eligibility or any other state benefit programs.

Fully customized, compliant, wage parity solutions is what separates BSB consultants from competitors in the wage parity benefit market place. We understand that no two home health agencies are the same, so why should agencies be sold “off the shelf” wage parity programs that make the brokers and vendors rich while providing little to no value to the agency and their employees? Our team speaks with the home care owner and HR staff, understands the needs of the agency AND the employees and works together to implement the benefits that will provide the most value. The custom solution is fully transparent showing where every dollar of wage parity funding is being spent each month. Finally, the programs we build are made specifically to comply with the new Wage Parity audit and reporting requirements. We work with your payroll and audit firms to facilitate easy reporting each year, removing a significantly large burden from the home care management team.

What can we do for you?

  • Custom, Compliant Wage Parity Program
  • Full compatibility with current, annual, Audit and Employee disclosure requirements
  • Full Transparency of where Wage Parity Dollars are Spent
  • Access to every benefit option that the IRS allows a tax deduction for. No competitor has access to any product that we don’t.
  • Full, personal, Customer Service component to remove wage parity service burdens from your coordinators and HR team so they can stay focused on the job you hired them to do.
  • Flexibility to adjust or change the program as needed at any time.
  • 24/7 support for Home Care agency owners/upper management for time sensitive issues that need to be addressed.

BSB Consultants wage parity professionals have worked in Wage Parity since 2012 when the Wage Parity Act was first introduced. We are familiar with every product available in the industry, every competitor in the industry and every compliance detail required of home care agencies. The director of our wage parity division worked for several years at a home care company prior to moving into the benefit space and is familiar with home health aides and running a home health care company. Please, take some time to call us and see how our extensive experience can maximize value to your agency.