Benjamin Horowitz exemplifies what takes to become a successful entrepreneur. He is a natural leader and a tireless worker for his client base. He has exemplary integrity which cannot be taught. I had the opportunity to teach entrepreneurship at two major Universities. Benjamin has natural talent for business that cannot be taught. You are fortunate should you have the pleasure of working with him...

Ira W. Miller

Chairman And CEO of Zone Capital Partners LLC/Former Economic Board of Visitors Member UCLA
November 13, 2020, Benjamin worked with Ira W. in the same group

Ben cold called me a few years ago. It was clear from our first conversation that he would be able to do more than just help select health and other insurance coverage that would be affordable. Ben was most interested in learning about the company's employees needs, ensuring open enrollment would run seamlessly and would provide constant compliance updates to the team. He knows everyone in the industry.......and if he doesnt know the answer to your question immediately.......he gets you the answer quickly! Ben is an asset to any HR team!...

Karen Aflalo

Human Resources Leader | Business Partner | 20+ years of People Experience | Start-ups to Large Global Organizations
September 29, 2020, Karen was a client of Benjamin’s

Benji’s tremendous energy and work ethic make him someone you want to work with and will be very happy that he’s part of your team

Sean Schubert

I love to help people and their organization achieve what matters most to them.
June 13, 2020, Sean managed Benjamin directly

Benji provides a high level of individual service that you do not find often. He worked consistently with us for months to find a unique insurance solution for our growing multi-state company. He was supportive, proactive, had great solutions and always followed through. He was flexible and available when we needed him not when it was convenient for him. I depended on Benji to guide me through the insurance process and he delivered 100%. I look forward to working with Benji in the future, he is a joy to work with and the person you want working on your companies insurance needs.

April Pelton

Senior Accountant

Benjamin is true professional. He has a great ability to identify and develop opportunities through relationship building. His genuine desire to help people and his tremendous work ethic are just two of the many contributing factors to his success.

Stewart Storms

Senior Vice President

As Managing Director, Public Sector Practice, I've had the pleasure of working with Benjamin Horowitz as part of our Business Development activities focused on our relationships with industry association groups. In particular, Benjamin has been an integral part of our on-site team for the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference & Exposition. He is a natural in terms of relationship building and communicating complex concepts to a wide audience of employee benefit and risk management decision makers. Benjamin is a "connector" and his energy and passion for business development is impressive -- I've seen him in action!

Scott Baldwin

Area Executive Vice President

Benjamin is a valued colleague in so many areas. First and foremost he is a connector and facilitator of business relationships. His network of associates is very broad touching on all industries and business categories. I have had the pleasure of making important and beneficial connections through his generous assistance. If you have Benjamin in your referral wheel you have a major plus. All of that does not even recognize his expertise in business strategies, processes, cost savings and growth.

Greg Demetriou

Integrated Marketing agency CEO, TV host, speaker, columnist to business publications, entrepreneur.

Benjamin is most honest, hard working person I know. He assist me with many of my businesses projects . He is innovative with out of box ideas that truly works in real world. He is trustworthy with honest advice. I would recommended him.

Sunny Mitra

Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA at AIU

I can't say enough good things about Benji and his incredible level of service and attention. Benji really took the time to not just sell us a service, but to work with us to determine what was best for our organization and then finding us great pricing. He was available day, night and weekend to help us through it all and we couldn't have done it without his help! And now several months after our effective date, he is still very active with our account as questions and issues come up and we need his counsel. It is great to have him in our corner!

Matt Gage

Chief Financial Officer at Elite Pacific Properties

I have known and worked with Benjamin Horowitz for many years since he was at ADP. His ability to connect with people and business owners shows how caring and Involved Benji is with ensuring he bring the best outcomes to the table. He always ensures that you will be getting the best of what is out in the market place at the best price possible. He is truly a genuine guy.

Elson Onah

Partner & General Manager at Sec-curity

It was a pleasure working with Benjamin when we engaged in a business relationship with ADP. He helped us follow through the process of implementation and ensured that we as his customer were very satisfied with their service. Benjamin is an outstanding communicator and highly skilled in his field.

Pedro Peña

Stereotyper at The New York Times

Benjamin Horowitz is an amazing and honest professional. We have started working with him ever since we started working in healthcare. He had always stood up for the representation that he presented. Benjamin had constantly saved money and always works in the benefit of the company. He migrated from payroll company to healthcare benefit company and always gets the best savings. In addition, to any company that we refer he always does right by them. We highly recommend Benjamin Horowitz and know if you follow his lead he always looks out for the benefit of the owners and company.

Karina Elnatanova

Healthcare Admin

Benji has worked with me and my company over the years and has always looked out for the best interest of my organization and my employees. He has an ability to come up with solutions to complex situation and provide new and out of the box ideas. He has been able to reduce our costs over the years, If you are looking to have a broker that you could be confident in an trust I would recommend Benji

Mitch Adwar

Vice President at Overnight Mountings, Inc