Who we serve in our Equity M&A practice

We work with all members of the equity and mergers and acquisitions community. Our proven methodologies and coverage options are designed to be flexible to meet the needs at all points of the mergers and acquisitions process for the following:

  • Private equity
  • Hedge funds
  • Venture capital
  • Asset management operations

Maximizing the human side of growth during all points of M&A lifecycle

Whether you are a large manufacturing company looking to grow or a traditional regional manufacturer merging with a national player, the BSB Consultants Equity M&A team has a keen focus on evaluating and mitigating the risk side of benefits and human capital during all stages of investment. We work with private equity firms as well as corporate clients to aid them in promoting greater profitability and increasing value by decreasing risk. Our offerings include:

  • Due Diligence Services for Private Equity & VC. We conduct rigorous data review to identify issues, risks and liabilities impacting a transaction. Red flags are immediately identified, remedies and savings opportunities are recommended.
  • New client transition. We utilize our gained knowledge from the due diligence process, to establish new programs and benefits that support your goals.
  • Portfolio solutions. BSB Consultants has proven portfolio-wide cost saving solutions while supporting each PortCo’s strategy for competitiveness and providing local HR support.
  • Integrate and harmonize. Our proven process will ensure successful human capital harmonization in mergers or add-on transaction: strategy, program/benefits, accounting implications, compliance and engagement.
  • Mergers and acquisition readiness. BSB Consultants Work Force Evaluation and Assessment Tools facilitate program integration and harmonization of each acquisition.