Founded on the principles that we put our clients and their employees first.

At BSB we take an organizational wellbeing approach looking at your most important assets, your people. BSB wants to help make you the top employer of choice that people want to be at. It starts with first attracting talent and then begins the challenge of retaining your top talent. Let BSB help you navigate through the complexities of health benefits and choose the best plan designs that fit the needs of your employees.

Benjamin Horowitz


  • Benjamin Horowitz CEO of BSB Consultants, has been working in the Benefits, HR & Payroll Consulting world for over 10 years. He has experience working for some of the largest firms in the US like Gallagher, Mercer & ADP.
  • He has a vast background in helping companies with strategies around attracting & retaining top talent, cost containment, risk management, being a trusted advisor and benefit strategist. Benjamin believes that making a strategic investment in your employees’ health, financial wellbeing and career growth will lead to a more productive staff and a much more profitable business.
  • Benjamin is the Chapter President of The Financial Executives International Chapter on Long Island. He is also highly active with the Association for Corporate Growth “ACG” as an Ambassador and Forward committee member.